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Plumbing Engineering Services

Our plumbing services cover all needs for any building, all the way from water efficiency to pollution systems.
Our services include:
  • Commercial waste and vent systems.
  • Commercial domestic water and hot water systems.
  • Central domestic water heating plant design.
  • Storm water systems.
  • Storm water pre-treatment systems.
  • Commercial plumbing systems design.
  • Grease waste systems.
  • Sump pump/sewage ejector/lift station design.
  • Medical gas systems for hospitals and clinics.
  • Veterinarian clinic plumbing and medical gas systems
  • Vacuum systems.
  • Correctional facilities plumbing design.
  • Acid neutralizing pre-treatment systems.
  • Deionized water systems.
  • Compressed air equipment and piping design.
  • Natural gas piping systems.
  • Propane gas piping.
  • High purity gas systems.
  • High Pressure process piping systems

10495 S. Progress Way

Suite 202

Parker, CO 80134


Tel: 303.646.4770

Fax: 303.646.5623


Monday - Friday 

9:00 am-3:00 pm


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